Anantakara – Forgiven, not Forgotten

Musiques créatives vibratoires et sereines calligraphies sonores & immersives.

Musiques créatives vibratoires et sereines calligraphies sonores & immersives.

« Forgiving? Why forgive? It hurts, it’s too tough. Why then?
Why would I do that? It’s up to the other to apologize!!
And no, no way we’ll meet!
Calm down? Are you kidding me?
Just thinking about it irritates me, hurts me, scares me…
Whose fault is it?

Yet, sure, I must free myself from this energy that’s poisoning my life…
I can’t bear so much suffering anymore.
So, what? I’ll dance! Yes, dance! I’ll be dancing until the end… For
myself. And for you.
Yes, for you too. Even if you’ll never know…
May this dance be a storm that clears away all this rage.
May the sky and the earth bear witness.

Afterwards, I know well, nothing will have been erased, but it will
be cleaned up.
And then, I’ll thank you for teaching me to be wary, to see more
clearly, to be more realistic.
Yes, you’ll be forgiven.
And I won’t forget the lesson you made me live. »
From the track « Forgiven Not Forgotten » featured in the album « Across A Veiled River « 
Published on Cyclical Dreams Label

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